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Landlord Representation

Our team carefully represent Landlords in the renting of their property. It is important to assure our clients that prospective Renters are capable of carrying out the leasing contract and are of good character.


Renter Representation

We are fully involved in the exploration process of renting. We ensure that our clients find the perfect property to start their new chapter. Our experts are always available and can guarantee all details are looked after.


Property Management

Our head company offers Property Management services for Property Owners that do not have the time to completely look after a property or the requests of their Tenant. Maintaining a property and the occupants is an important task.


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For Rent Bahamas is the trusted source for rentals throughout Nassau and Paradise Island. We are dedicated to our clients and maintaining our position within the industry.


FRB is a brand of Bahamian Escapes, a luxury real estate and lifestyle group dedicated to providing clients with a portfolio of highly coveted signature properties throughout The Bahamas. For more information on this company, visit www.bahamianescapes.com